Animal photo trip with Sante d’Or – March 29, 2013

It all started with an NYIP assignment for the pet photography. So for the day, I had my first stop at Jinlin’s house for her little Cinnamon.  She’s not shy at all when I visited her this time. Jinlin told me she’s not that afraid of girls 😀 She just loves to play~  trying to catch whatever it is 😀  And this pic she looks like a demon cat, you know what I’m talking if you watch Supernatural :p

After having played for a morning, she’s just lazy now 😀 Now she’s like,” nay, i don’t want to move a inch, even if my face is twisted a bit by the floor 😀 And look at my cute paws~”

“Then I need a stretch~~  And I’m not fat~ just fluffy~”

“And now, I’m gonna have a rest on my noble cat bed. Cya.”

This is just me being jealous of her built-in UGG 😀

Then Jinlin told me that they got her from Sante d’Or. So we paid a visit to the shelter. Walking in, we saw a family of Chihuahua. and lol they are sooo energetic! Running around, biting each other. And later we were told they were just months old. And the ears are not even fully extended yet. They were just running and biting so energetically that I can’t really take a good picture. And their dad seems to be be quiet and kept biting my toes! 😀

Walking inside, there are cats here and there, and some are in the cage because of diet or medi care. There’s a cute one that’s hiding in her hammock like.. “you can’t see me~~~”

And “miarrrah~ I saw you~”

And around another cats tree, there’s a elegant one having a sweet dream on her little white puffy paws pillow on the noble purple pillow.

And they have cute bunnies too~ Happy Easter~

Lastly, it’s really a sweet shelter, providing clean and warm home for the animals. If you would love to help the animals, feel free to visit and help this non-profit place and visit their website at: 


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