South Oregon… wiggle wiggle wiggle – May 23rd, 2014 – May 26th, 2014

Portland – Thor’s Well – Crater Lake – Lava Beds (Cali) – Portland

May 23rd,

I flew to Portland airport in the morning and stayed there for a whole day. It’s really a dope airport.

photo (3)

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We flew in to Portland international airport and stayed at Hampton Inn & Suites. They have a nice decorated lobby.


May 24th,

We woke up early and set out to Thor’s Well, which is also named as Spouting Horn.

It’s funny that when we were asking for direction from some other tourists, where’s the Thor’s Well? The old gentleman heard it as where’s the whale? Then we got the answer that the well / whale migrates from Mexico in spring and if you go out with boat, you might see it. We were like.. what.. the well moves?

Lol anyways, we found it, and luckily it’s not drained or covered by tide, but I didn’t have the tripod with me, so it’s just some frozen shots of the water, but it’s basically a hole near the beach.


After that, we started to drive to Crater Lake, while stopping a lot on our way, and had been spontaneous for all the scenery.

At certain point, we saw lots of elks on the road, they were really close to the road, and resting, not afraid of people which is a bit odd. But that’s why we can get a pretty clear shot.




We had lunch at McDonald’s, and it’s Memorial day.

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we stopped by at Elkton RV park. There were not many people around, it’s quiet and having the water flowing to afar. There was a boat across the river, and the dad was teaching his son how to fish. 😀 Apparently, the boy did a great job!



Next stop, we found Rouge Gorge, where the river went through a narrow canyon and it was our first fall for the trip. At one turning spot, the rocks have been washed into a heart shape, and it’s pretty cute that our friend made such a loving note.



We kept exploring and found another Takena fall trail. At the end of the trail, there’s another small but rushing fall.






And there’s also a pointy snow mountain afar and us being silly at the parking lot 😀



While we driving across the county, it was almost sunset, and here’s a tranquil set of the river.



And for the night, we dined at Phil’s Frosty and stayed at Edgewater Inn.

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May 25th,

We headed toward the famous Crater Lake! Bad news is, it’s still sorta winter season, hence two thirds of the rim is still closed. Per ranger, that area gets the most in US and it’s also the highest point in Oregon, hence the melting is slow. Well, good news is, the lake in snow is incredibly beautiful!

Photo May 25, 11 44 00 AM


The visitor center is also halfway buried in the snow.


And we climbed up a trail, saw a loving dad guiding his girls to the top of the hill.





In the afternoon, we drove all the way to south, back in to Cali.


We had lunch at Any Creek restaurant, and saw a series of celestial crystal balls at the gift shop. This one is my favorite:

photo (2)

to the Lava Beds National Monument, who has lots of caves explore.


At night we drove back north to Crater Lake and stayed at the cabin there. It was a clear night.

May 26th,

Since there’s not much to do at Crater’s lake, we decided to travel a bit around Portland. We visited the hatchery and the Bonneville Dam.



And then it comes my 3rd time visit of Multnomah fall… And I also dug out the pic i took in 2008 winter.


  DSC_7669  DSC_0124


 DSC_7704   DSC_0140

After that we walked around Portland, the city is so beautiful and had dinner at Shigezo.



After dinner, there was a carnival nearby and there’s a rock band, somehow feels like from Texas lol with 20 ish people dancing high around the stage :p



And friend’s friend recommended us a place for night city view. And when I stepped into the lounge… it turned out to be the exact same one we had happy hour and night view picture in year 2008 Christmas. Can’t help sighing about the flying time and changing people. But friendship lasts forever!







After drink and all the great picture shooting we went back and stayed at SprintHill Suites near Portland Airport.

May 27th,

we woke up early and flew back to SoCal. three flying to SD,one flying to OC and me back to LAX.

And I got addicted to these yums!

photo (4)

Ciao my friends, see you next time 😀


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